Other Services

Unless told otherwise we will shampoo your hair, dry, and provide your choice of service.

*Silk press $65
*$65 for styling/curling services
*Shampoo and dry add on $55

* If hair included is either Raw/Virgin Indian, Cambodian or Vietnamese hair depend on availability
 *Hair included is straight or wavy/natural wave(base on availability)
*color service per bundle of hair is $50
 *maintenance $120 includes tightening and style
*Relaxer service $85-150

*Color rinse/temporary $45

Color service $80 and up

*Hourly  rate $100

*House call fee $100-$200 in L.A area

*out of state travel -must cover round-trip flight, transportation  to and from the airport to service location +cost of daily rate

*international travel- must cover round-trip flight ticket,(visa if needed), transportations, hotel and cost of daily rate/s
*should you choose to shampoo your hair before any service, please refrain from using any products.

A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required for all extensions booking using PayPal( or venmo @hairstring

*should you cancel 24-48 hrs notice your deposit will be transferred to your rescheduling?

*prices are non-negotiable and subject to change at any time.

                                  Brazilian knots

 (individual strand by strand extensions done by attaching loose/bulk hair to roots of clients hair with an elastic thread. last 3-5 months)

 You bring your own extensions-shampoo and INSTALLATION ONLY! No curl styling included 


*Per row $100 (up to 4 rows/line) 

*petit $200 (bing 1 bundle of hair) this take anywhere from 1-3 hours

 *Partial $450  (bring 2 bundles of hair) this take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours

* Reg $650 (bring 3 bundles of hair) this take anywhere from 4-5 hours

 *Volume $875 (bring 4 bundles of hair) this  take anywhere from 5-6 hours

*Complete coverage $1,400( bring 4-6 bundles of hair) this is whole day progress 8 hours or more. please, this option is for those who want all of their hair in the knots, no hair to very little hair is left out. Also known as day fee for any service over 8 hours long. If this service must go over another day then you will be charged the hourly rate for the following day to finish this service.

*Micro knots combo $1,800 this is a combination of my average size brazilian knot with smaller knots 

Brazilian knots extensions Last 3-5 months depending on natural hair texture. you can shampoo your hair as you please and blow dry/round brush, color/Relaxer touch up services as well) no special products needed. Bundles weigh 3.5 ounces, the longer the hair the less you get in a bundle. if you purchase hair that is 22 inches or longer please purchase 3 bundles or more depending on how full you like your extensions. Many hair extensions company sell that isn't double drawn, so the hair is thin and requires you to buy more bundles at a cheap price but it's more labor for me. so to save you money, You can purchase hair from me which is thick and requires fewer bundles. as you can see I charge base on how many bundles of hair Installed. I have a scale in the salon to weigh the hair so you can see exactly what you are getting or what you brought in. if you choose from one of the package below(hairstring brazilian knot package) everything is included. I usually use loose/bulk hair for the brazilian knots, but that hair isn't sold everywhere. You may purchase regular wefted hair /bundle and I will handle the rest. During the installation process, I will cut the weft off and a few inches so you might want to purchase hair at 2 inches longer than what you want.PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN UNCLEAN HAIR FOR ME TO SORT OUT AND WASH. Please have your hair ready in the order you want it installed.

 Hairstring Brazilian knot package (included shampoo, knots, RAW(hair- 6 ounces  ounce, cut and flat iron style)

   up to 16 inches $500 

 up to 18 inches  $595 

up to 20 inches  $650

up to 22 inches $700

up to 24 inches $775

  Brazilain knot package will not always be included in the online booking page since the hair is based on availability. If you don't see the length you want that means we are out of it. Will create a new package deal as the hair comes in. Please check periodically to see if the length you want is available before booking. Hair is available on a first come first serve basis. If the length you want is available when you book and someone else gets their hair done before you and it's gone. you'll have to wait until the next shipment or use the next length available.  I can text you the photo of the hair that is available upon request. You may then decide to hold the hair you want by putting HALF of the cost in advance as a deposit. Popular texture available is a straight and natural wave. The hair I carry in the salon in unprocessed so the colors are natural. Note there is an extra charge to color the hair. Curly hair will be available soon. Hair that is available at hairstring is usually Raw Cambodian, Vietnamese or Indian. this hair can be re-used up to 3 years. So buy it long so you'll have it a long time to use.

Installing the knots

*If you bring less than 6 ounces (EQV 2 bundles), To make your extensions look full, flawless and blended, hair will be left out in between each row. unless your head is very small . to make 1 bundle look full, hair has to be left our in between each row. At home care when hair is left out in between rows. you cannot ignore that hair. you have to comb it out separately every day and after your shampoo and conditioner. making sure that hair left out in the middle doesn't tangle or wrap around the knot is the reason why you want to comb out every day. 

*If you have super kinky hair, hair the revert back 50 percent when wet. please consider having a brazilian keratin treatment to relax those curls temporarily(last 3 months). or find hair that matches your texture 100percent. please knot that your hair is out along with the knots. if you are not comfortable with the daily maintenance of kinky hair then the knots isn't for you without the keratin treatment, texturizer or relaxer. 

*If you have super thin and fine hair, I would recommend a test run if this is your first time. such as adding just one row to wear for 1 month to see how your hair handles it. if your hair sheds tremendously with the knots then my next recommendation would be the Microchet extensions. the best extension for thin and fine hair. From trial and error and client experience, everyone is different. I cannot assume what will work for each person if your willing to work with me on finding what will work best for you, I'm more than happy to help.

*At home hair care. since the knots are free-flowing and blend in with your natural hair. you are required to love it and treat it like its growing from your scalp. treat your scalp as you normally would, comb and brush every day. wrap your hair night or pull into a low single braid before bed for wavy hair in the morning. shampoo your hair with your usual products unless you have a brazilian keratin treatment you'll need a sulfate free shampoo set.

*Short hair. less 4 inches long please consider getting a completely full head. it requires little to no blending which is very crucial for short hair

Extension removal $55-$150

*we have a scale on hand to weigh hair

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