How does The daily rate work?

Daily rate compensate me for taking an entire day out of the salon to accommodate you.

daily rate automatically included 3 bundle serice with hair not exceeding $1400 in service value. service will take no longer than 10hours for 1st person .Extra person - DAILY RATE fee will apply if stylist must stay an extra day .if service for 2nd person is on the same day as the 1st person, than regular service fee apply to second person.

example.flight lands at 9 am return flight is the on same day before  or at +5pm client pay-all travel cost and reg service fees

Example -2 stylist must spend 1 night or more- daily rate apply.

YES , we'll come to you!

House /hotel call- Los Angeles area (within 1 hour drive from the salon location)$175 fee

san Fernando valley, San Gabriel Valley, Long beach, Orange county $200 fee

Your state-Uber/taxi ($140) to and from Lax (for stylist) Round trip airfare and baggage fee (same day trip) overnight will include flat rate of daily fee ***

Your country-uber/taxi fee to and from LAX $140

luggage, transportation to and from hotel fee,airfare roundtrip, hotel stay and 1 day rate)

daily rate is $2200