Hi and welcome to our policy and after care page.

Thank you so much for taking a bit of your time to read this page. This will help you and me, your stylist makes things easy on the day of your appointment.

Hairstring is an appointment based salon. What that means is that your time is your time. we do not double book or take walk-ins. So every minute count when you come in. Most first time clients book a consultation before their first appointment. But we do have some clients who come from afar and don't want to go back and forth for a consultation then a service. We understand, so we do allow you to ask as many questions before your appointment and schedule your consultation and service the same day. Why a consult and service? Time. The time it takes to discuss your goals and how to achieve it and selecting the hair if you're using ours. That time can be about 30minutes. If that time is not scheduled we risk running into someone else time. To avoid that we asked that your schedule a separate consultation and service on the same day back to back. Now to avoid certain confusion we will call you if you haven't text or spoken to anyone.

Package deals-A service +hair added in one price. You choose the length and hair the DAY of your appointment. We no longer allow hair selection before the appointment. Hair is on a first-come and first-serve basis. For raw, curly, long length, and low luster hair. We advise that you purchase the hair in advance (at the retail price). we will not hold any hair you see on the wall. Our hair collection is not duplicated as they come from single donors. once they are gone, that's it! 

Coloring-of hair extensions are not included in services or hair purchase. Coloring is also a service that needs to be booked in advance. The hair we carry is usually dark colors. we will from time to time suggest you purchase colored hair elsewhere. we are working on getting quality blonde hair in stock.

Deposit -is only for the appointment you set. it is transferable only when You reschedule your appointment via the scheduler. It is not transferable when you cancel or no show.

Day of appointment

please be on time. if you are running late please communicate, do not assume we know you are stuck in traffic or whatever the reason may be.

Bringing your own hair? we cannot stress this enough DO NOT BRING HAIR THAT IS NOT CLEAN. Please prep your hair in advance. shampoo and condition the hair. Dry the hair section the hair per length. please label the hair if they are all not the same length. YOU WILL BE CHARGED $50 FOR SERVICE OF WASHING HAIR. This also delays the time allotted for your service.


Allergies? If you are allergic to any hair products or ingredient let us know in advance and bring the products you are comfortable with. please know that if your allergic to plastic. YOU ARE NOT A CANDIDATE FOR THE BRAZILIAN KNOTS!!! we use an elastic thread and will cause a reaction. A  sew-in weave will be a better option for you.

Young children-unless they are being serviced, please leave them at home. Most extensions services run about 3.5- hours and more. this isn't fair to the child and to the stylist that has to stop every time your child requires your attention.  

We have wifi so if you need to work while being serviced, it is totally okay!


*All deposits are non-refundable. A Deposit can only be transferred when you re-schedule your Appoinment.you have a total of 3 reschedulings allowed. After the 3rd rescheduling, your 4th appointment will be canceled and you'll have to put down another deposit. We do not hold deposits. All consultations fees are credited towards your first appointment, so you must book an appointment the day of or within the week of the consultation or the deposit used towards the time allotted for consultation. Hairstring is not responsible for hair purchase elsewhere if it mats or tangle. You will be charged for the takedown and a new install. so please purchase Quality hair if you choose to bring your own.

​​PARKING!!! The salon is located on Pico and Main street. but the address of the main building is Main street. Please plan to arrive early to park where it's affordable $5-$8.You may have to walk a few blocks down to the salon. There are 3 parking lots on the same street of the salon price range from $10 cash to $20 (on pico and broadway this garage allows you to pay with a card)​. All first-time Brazillian knots client please do not park at the meter. I cannot promise that I will finish your hair in 4 fours-the times allowed on-street parking. Stepping out to feed the meter takes time off my schedule. so please park across the street in the lot for $10 cash






* It is okay to oil your scalp at home if it wasn't done right after your service.

*To avoid curling your hair every day, please pin curl your hair at night and wake with curls the next morning. YOU CAN GOOGLE PIN CURL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE.

*If you're also conscious about flat ironing your leave out. A tip for that is to wear a scarf at night and the daytime when you're not doing anything special. This has your leave straight and flat. Do not flat iron your hair every day at high heat or the highest setting on the iron.

*Hot rollers are also safe and easy to use daily. you can find them on Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

*You may shampoo your extensions as often as you see fit. recommendation for shampoos and conditioners. OGX, DESIGN ESSENTIAL, SILICONE MIX.

*Styling product may be used, just a little amount will do. Dry shampoo will also help if your scalp is oily and you don't have time to shampoo.

*For wavy hair, you can 2 strand twist or braid at night, the smaller the braids, the deeper the braids, tighter the waves will be.

 *When your extensions have grown out, please be sure to separate the hair that intertwine together at the root. 

*You're welcome to get a maintenance service every month. it is just a wash and style. Brazilian knots in certain areas can be re-done for a fresher look- extra cost.

*That's pretty much it. The knots don't require much.Text213-205-6116 if you have any questions or concerns.