Yes! We do teach.

Here at Hairstring, we understand the importance of continuing education. It is important for a hairstylist or a cosmetology student to stay up to date with trends or new techniques. Ask yourself how many stylists in your salon or school can do the brazilian knots?. Would like to offer another technique no one else in your area does? why choose the brazilian knots over other extensions techniques out there? simple, you're not stuck with just one company, which forces you to use their hairline. With the Brazilian knots, You use hair you are comfortable with. You control the amount of hair you want to apply. you're learning a technique you're NOT buying into a company so when you're done the training you can use whatever products or hair you want. Most extensions company don't offer a variety of textures so you cant offer their technique to just anyone. with the brazilian knot, you will just have to find your own vendor for different textures and serve all of your clients. Hairstring will provide with vendors we are currently using and have used, so you will leave ready to work on clients. 

 Cost:$1,100 1 day training- $1,900 2days training (work on a live model on day     2)

 when: By appointment with at least 2 weeks notice.

 time 7-9 hours

 lunch: included for trainee on day 1

 you bring: A model if you choose to  do the 2 days option

 The rest is provided for you

 Location:6370 w. sunset blvd

             Suite 710, Hollywood, CA

We are a block from Hollywood Blvd so there's plenty of hotel and restaurants and entertainment

 The training is 1 on 1,

You will learn the proper application, hair selection for service, customized service, adding volume. you will learn partial and full service as well as blending. bulk hair vendors/raw hair. You will learn proper removal and add-on services. you will also learn how to price your services and more. 

Day 2 often time during a class you absorb so much information. you go back home . when you get in front of that first person you want to work on, you feel like you've have forgotten a few steps. well, day 2 take care of that problem. you will bring your model and will perform the brazilian knot extensions from the beginning to the end. You'll is guided so that you feel confident in introducing the service to your clients. And you'll have pictures of your own work ready for marketing.

 Please schedule ahead of time to get the days you want. A deposit is required when booking the class!


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Class Deposit     $200